Elevate Events plans, organizes and executes all types of events from weddings or corporate meetings to fundraisers and intimate gatherings, whatever you need.  Let us do the work so you can enjoy the moment.



Lynn is the heels and hustle of the group and has been doing events for over 30 years! Her story started when her new Mother in Law asked her to help her plan a family reunion (no pressure there). With over 50 people coming to our beautiful part of Montana for three days... she jumped in and made it happen!  Lynn has planned, executed and been involved in all areas of events since then. Her professional career has been to do the same as the Event Manager for one of the country’s top 100 fastest growing churches. Lynn loves events and says it has been both exciting and enriching. She has done it all from setting up a surprise marriage proposal to large corporate meetings, weddings and fundraisers... somewhere in there fits a large-scale wedding for 650 guests! (That was super fun!!)   Lynn loves people and loves helping them celebrate all those special moments in life.



Barbie has spent the last 10 years in regional management overseeing many employees and several coffee shops across the state. Her time in this position has not only made her a connoisseur of coffee but has also taught her to kick butt and motivate everyone she works with! The years spent in management brought her to event planning about 5 years ago.   Barbie loves being able to develop a personal relationship with each client she works with. Her attention to detail and effective communication make her the perfect person to help you with your event and you may even become friends! She believes this is truly the key to making your event special.  Barbie is also a great connector of people. From her Grandma and her cat to her best friend and her husband (yep, she gets to take credit for that one!), she’ll connect you with the best ideas for your event.  Barbie believes that in this line of work you are not just simply creating an event but creating magic!   



Becky graduated in 2008 from the University of Montana with a degree in finance, and has spent the past ten years working in the world of finance. Not only does she love a good spreadsheet, but she has the ability to come up with the most incredible ideas! She has the rare ability to see a need you don't even know you have and fill it. We are so lucky to have someone on the team that can blend her knowledge of numbers and the ability to bring that wow factor! Becky spends her free time traveling, enjoying a glass of good wine and playing with her beautiful puppy Poppy. Becky's keen eye for detail will not only be beneficial to your budget but also to your overall event.



Angie began dabbling in event coordination about 10 years ago and the rest, as they say, is history.  Angie has a great eye for color and display which will help your vision come to life.  Her clients all appreciate her attention to detail, professional attitude and creative eye. As a little girl Angie used to draw her mom and dad little pictures and leave them under their pillows.  While she has outgrown this…much to her parent’s dismay, she hasn’t outgrown her love of art and artistic flair.  Her passion for art has even taken her as far away as Italy.  Angie has been working for the last 14 years creating and designing for different companies across the state of Montana and we are incredibly lucky to have her as part of our team.  

PS: Do you love our logo? Angie created that!



I have worked with Lynn Shoemaker while she was the Event Coordinator for Canvas Church for the past ten plus years. Those events ranged from very large formal events to smaller more casual.  I can honestly say that Lynn’s level of professionalism never changed regardless of the size or significance of the event.  Her attention to detail and level of excellence is what led in my decision to use Lynn as the wedding coordinator for my daughter’s wedding in June of 2011.  She went above and beyond to make sure the vision my daughter had was carried out and details that would have been overlooked by us were handled.  As a small business owner myself I found her dedication and commitment to hard work admirable.  

-Stacey S.

Lynn Shoemaker's style and aesthetic are impeccable. She has her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in decor and events, while always keeping a close eye on refinement. Be assured that Lynn will steer you toward a timeless vision, while also utilizing all the fun ideas out there today. She is the whole package, combining grace, flair and extra-ordinary attention to detail. Her project- and time-management skills are incomparable. She just Gets. It. Done. Plus, Lynn is so much fun - dreaming and planning with her in your corner is a blast. And a real confidence-builder. My personal experience working with Lynn has been a delight and I have absolute faith in her for any of my future projects, whether it relates to my home or milestone events.  

-Lorri S.